Dear Barbz,

You won’t believe what I just did on a zoom with a bunch of ppl. So I thought it was only like 5 ppl on & it turned out to be like 30. Wow. Wow. Wow. Chiiiiiiiiiiii. I was yappin my gums chi. 🫢


So I got so much tea for y’all. Can’t wait to sip it with y’all. SmMFh woo wee!!!!!!!!

This album is spectacular.
Life is splendid. Every day we wake up blessed. Every single day that you wake up, you woke up what????!!!! BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, it’s gag on gag on gag. Might not be how YOU want it all done but Onika gon do Onika every time babeeeee!!!!

I’d like to thank you for your constant encouraging words. Knowing I have ppl who still want to hear my music feels so surreal sometimes. BUT!!! it makes me rewrite things over & over at times. I guess there’s a lot to live up to you know?

deep sigh

But would I want it any other way? No. B/c at the heart of you… & me… (aka the barbz), is the love of rap music.  The sport of rap. The culture of rap. The competitiveness. The raps. Thee actual raps. What’s crazy is if my fans knew how much music I could throw out at any given day, they might be mad that I keep it. In the vault. But that’s at the core of who I am. Tho perfection can never be achieved, the drive for perfection makes one greater. We’d be lying if we say otherwise. Knowing when to say when is an art that most ppl haven’t mastered yet tho. And as you know, timing is what? Everything. One day I’ll teach a course on marketing, promotion & timing 😉. Courses will begin at 5K per course. 🙄 or more. Lemme crunch some numbers & get back to y’all chi.

Someone asked me how do I do it. How do you keep ppl excited Nicki? I said: I don’t do that. I go hard to achieve greatness within my art/gift which is fueled by my authentic passion. The consumer/fans know that. So when I’m about to put out music, they keep THEMSELVES excited. Because they ARE! They are excited to witness greatness. They know I’m not perfect but they respect that I TRY. For THEM. Have ALWAYS TRIED for them…to be GREAT at a gift God gave me to be able to bring joy to ppl all over the world, countries I’ll never ever even go to, to be able to minister to ppl in my own way, to do what I have to when it’s my time. When that time comes.

But you see? Ppl know the difference. I’ve been trying to say it for years. but hey 🤷🏾‍♀️. Maybe it wasn’t for me to say a word. I’ve learned so much & can finally just exhale. W/o a shadow of a doubt, PF2 will change your life; but just as I know that, they know that as well. So be surprised by NOTHING. Hold me down. Y’all know my body. I’m big on truth & little on lies. I’d rather be hated for being me than loved for being anyone other. I am she & she is me. ☹️ that was corny. I am she & she is me? 🤣😂 nah wtf.

Ok so I began watching the new season of “the crown” as I signed cds a few nights ago & ummmmmm. I- uhhhhh…let me watch the full thing first. Y’all know I LOVVEEEEEE that show. So let me wait on my feedback/thoughts.

Got some announcements coming soon…but for now
#justprayforme. (Thats written as a hashtag for a reason 😉). Idk tho. But yea, we have so much ground to cover. It’s been 5 years.


  • You’re the most beautiful when you are exactly who you are. You. Yeah you. I’m talking to you. The one reading this. Yes, we must continue to work on ourselves, our inner child, etc. but do you know how beautiful you are? I’m not trying to be funny or fake deep. One of the things my husband helped me to do was to re-see my beauty. Sounds crazy right? The soul searching had to be done by me & only me (& the Lord of course), but there were things he remembered from back in the day that jogged the best memories for me. Talking to him for hours & hours at length he’d always mention things that I secretly hated about myself that I didn’t know he loved. Sometimes he’d mention pics or videos he LOVED & I’d be like EWWWW (really loud).
  • Sometimes we are told things or assume things about the way ppl view us & we just begin to believe it! Thank God for those friends that are able to remind you of your raw beauty on the IN AND the outside!
    So yeah, ima keep a diary cuz I gotta tell y’all about some of this bullSHAT!!!!! Woo! who’s ready for this SAGITTARIUS ALBUM ON DECEMBER PHKNG 8TH???!!!!!!!!!!!! Who’s Rdy for the radio shows on dec 4th, dec 11th, ROLLING LOUD LA, the PF2 TOUR, the PF2 perfume? And more & MORE gaggery?!??!!!!!

I need y’all to go to the retailers & purchase your physical cd/vinyl the day the album drops! Hopefully I can do a signing or 2 😛

Love always,