DEAR Barbz,
& everyone in

I just want to make great music. Simply for the sake of creating great music. What’s wrong with that? Music that ppl will always remember b/c of that incredible feeling they had the very first time they heard it. Music that makes them feel happy, confident, hopeful…sad, introspective, nostalgic. Music that expresses their thoughts on relationships @ a time where ppl are so afraid to fall in love b/c they have to protect their hearts from being embarrassed on Facebook…

Music that reminds you that a lot of ppl you rlly look up to were born with nothing; so they can relate to you a lot more than you think…reminds you that for the most part, we are all having the same experience in diff ways on diff days for different lengths of time.

Fear/apprehension is normal, reminds us we are alive & that we want to live. Gut feelings are real. The spirit of discernment is so important as it relates to business choices, wealth & prosperity, yet is often overlooked or downplayed & rarely ever discussed.

Stress happens.
Anxiety is a real pain in the ass.
You’re ok.
Grief is normal.
Guilt is debilitating…so put an end to it or you’ll never soar as high as you truly can. Love is still magical. Marriage is still beautiful. Motherhood is scarier than I thought it would be…but everything I dreamed it would be…and so much more.
Setting boundaries will free you from the torture of being a ppl pleaser to ppl who don’t GAF about you or anything you’re going through.
One day, it’ll be hard to find anyone who’ll do for you what you did for them…but your blessings will still pile up. So no need to carry all those regrets on your back. Let them go.
It’s weighing you down.
Can’t you tell?

Laugh more. It locks in that memory & one day when you’re uncontrollably crying, I pray that memory is unlocked so that you bust out laughing & wipe those tears off your face.

This too, shall pass.

Love always,

Harajuku Barbie


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